Boulding, Kenneth E.

Kenneth Ewart Boulding (January 18, 1910 – March 18, 1993) was an economist, educator, peace activist, poet, religious mystic, devoted Quaker, systems scientist, and interdisciplinary philosopher.

Boulding was born in Liverpool, England in 1910. He graduated from Oxford University, and was granted United States citizenship in 1948. During the years 1949 to 1967, he was a faculty member of the University of Michigan. In 1967, he joined the faculty of the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he remained until his retirement.

General Systems Theory

He was co-founder of General Systems Theory and founder of numerous ongoing intellectual projects in economics and social science.


In THE IMAGE: KNOWLEDGE IN LIFE AND SOCIETY Boulding presents a unifying concept through which a better understanding of individual behavior and social dynamics may be had. He proposes, in effct, a new theory of knowledge: knowledge as image.

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